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helping you to improve your IT-Security



Before we can advise and implement security adjustments we need to examine your infrastructure to determine your current level of risk. Offcourse this is done with the highest confidentiality.


When the current level of risk has been determined we will advice you with a set of best practises to harden your IT-Security. This is done by technical and social advise (like social hacking techniques).


After our advise has been given and implemented by your organisation we will check if the current level of risk has been lowered. After all : security is a continuously process !

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We value a good relationship with our customers. So it is important to stay in contact. A relationship which is built on trust,confidentiality and result is what counts.


We are a team of IT-Engineers currently also working for government institutions.
Our goal is to harden security at local and semi-government institutions and small to medium companies. We have more than 15 years experience and extensive knowledge of firewalls , operating systems, ethical- and social hacking and penetration tests.

Because of our small team we can offer our services and know-how for a small fee.
We want to make security-advice AFFORDABLE.

Contact us for our current rates.

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Why worry about threats?
Ask yourself.

On a scale from 1 to 100 percent, how much do you think is your company at risk?

Do you know the answer ?

  • ransomware?
  • malware?
  • Hacks?
  • Virus?

RSS Latest threats

  • Android ransomware requires victim to speak unlock code February 22, 2017
    Latest Android.Lockdroid.E variant uses speech recognition instead of typing for unlock code input. Blog Feature Image:  EB-Header-image109.jpeg Publish to Facebook:  No Twitter Card Style:  summary Being a good listener is normally considered an admirable quality in a person; however, it isn’t a quality you necessarily want to find in a piece of malware. The latest […]
  • Symantec and other industry leaders announce expanded Cyber Threat Alliance February 14, 2017
    Cybersecurity consortium formally establishes rapid security intelligence sharing system to combat cybercrime and advanced attacks. Blog Feature Image:  EB-Stats-02.jpeg Twitter Card Style:  summary Symantec is one of the six founding members of the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) which yesterday announced its formal incorporation as a not-for-profit entity. The organization also announced the appointment of former […]
  • Sage 2.0 ransomware delivered by Pandex spambot, mimics Cerber routines February 13, 2017
    New variants of Sage ransomware sport Cerber-like behavior, although no definitive link was found between the two families. Blog Feature Image:  ThinkstockPhotos-639140974.jpg Twitter Card Style:  summary Symantec Security Response has recently discovered the Sage 2.0 ransomware (Ransom.Cry) being delivered by the Trojan.Pandex spambot, which we have previously seen sending JS downloaders with spambots, banki Click […]

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