what we do?

helping you to improve your IT-Security



Before we can advise and implement security adjustments we need to examine your infrastructure to determine your current level of risk. Offcourse this is done with the highest confidentiality.


When the current level of risk has been determined we will advice you with a set of best practises to harden your IT-Security. This is done by technical and social advise (like social hacking techniques).


After our advise has been given and implemented by your organisation we will check if the current level of risk has been lowered. After all : security is a continuously process !

keep in touch

We value a good relationship with our customers. So it is important to stay in contact. A relationship which is built on trust,confidentiality and result is what counts.


We are a team of IT-Engineers currently also working for government institutions.
Our goal is to harden security at local and semi-government institutions and small to medium companies. We have more than 15 years experience and extensive knowledge of firewalls , operating systems, ethical- and social hacking and penetration tests.

Because of our small team we can offer our services and know-how for a small fee.
We want to make security-advice AFFORDABLE.

Contact us for our current rates.

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Why worry about threats?
Ask yourself.

On a scale from 1 to 100 percent, how much do you think is your company at risk?

Do you know the answer ?

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  • Latest Intelligence for October 2017 10/11/2017
    Symantec research shows users to be twice as likely to encounter threats through email as any other infection vector, and the spam rate declines slightly for the second month in a row. Twitter Card Style:  summary Some of the key takeaways from October’s Latest Intelligence, and the threat landscape in general, include research on the […]
  • Sowbug: Cyber espionage group targets South American and Southeast Asian governments 07/11/2017
    Group uses custom Felismus malware and has a particular interest in South American foreign policy. Twitter Card Style:  summary Symantec has identified a previously unknown group called Sowbug that has been conducting highly targeted cyber attacks against organizations in South America and Southeast Asia and appears to be heavily focused on foreign policy institutions and […]
  • Ramnit worm: Still turning up in unlikely places 27/10/2017
    Over 90 Ramnit-infected apps removed from Google Play. Twitter Card Style:  summary Contributors: Shaun Aimoto, Martin Zhang Click to Tweet:  Nope, Ramnit worm not ported to #Android. It’s an infected HTML file that drops Ramnit on Win PCs Click to Tweet Acct:  @threatintel read more

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